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What is The Parrotlet Ranch? The Parrotlet Ranch is owned and operated by Sandee Molenda. We only bred parrotlets and specialized in sweet hand-fed pets as well as rare species and color mutation parrotlets.  Unfortunately, more than three decades of hand-feeding thousands of baby parrotlets have taken their toll and Sandee is no longer able to hand-feed so they are no longer breeding parrotlets. Sandee bred six of the seven species of parrotlets and worked with wild-caught birds for 15 years prior to the implementation of the Wild Bird Conservation Act that all but stopped the import of all birds except color mutations. She specialized in very rare species of parrotlets most of which are no longer available in the United States. She also worked to produce high quality, healthy color mutations of Pacific parrotlets as well as breeding high quality show birds from Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines. Sandee began raising small parrots since 1983, she decided to specialize and concentrate her efforts on parrotlets in 1986 and bred them exclusively. 

The Parrotlet Ranch was always devoted to raising the healthiest, strongest parrotlets possible and took great care with regard to nutrition, housing, cleanliness, record keeping and genetic diversity. Today, Sandee offers her more than 30 years of experience breeding, keeping, showing and raising parrotlets in her publications, books, blog, Facebook page and speaking engagements. 

Sandee has written numerous articles which are posted on our site that are exclusive to parrotlet care, husbandry, behavior, feeding, housing, training, color mutations and a host of other information. She also has articles on general avian care such as shipping birds, traveling by airplane with birds, feather picking, disease information and control, nutrition, beginning breeder information, hand-feeding birds and host of other topics that contain a wealth of information that most bird owners and breeders will find very helpful. 

You can also visit our Facebook page or check out our parrotlet blog 

Sandee L. Molenda
The Parrotlet Ranch
PO Box 2842
Aptos, CA 95001-2842
Telephone: (831) 688-5560

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Send mail to Sandee@ParrotletRanch.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: November 10, 2013